Survey to help research on Trimming Cattle

December 11, 2019

Dear Members

As an article mentioned in the recent edition of Trimmer magazine, Sara Pedersen is conducting two studies on foot trimming. The first is a survey open to all on approaches to assessing toe length. She would like the views of as many members as possible so please follow this link to complete the survey:

The second study is an observational study on foot trimming with the aim of answering some of the fundamental questions about the benefits of foot trimming, variations in trimming technique and optimal timing of trimming. She will also be looking at the link between mobility score and lesions to help better identify when the best time to intervene is.

Sara has randomly selected 30 qualified foot trimmers from across Great Britain to work with. Participation is voluntary but is encouraged as we would like to see NACFT trimmers feature heavily in this research – it will be the first of its kind to be conducted.

In terms of what the study entails, a researcher would attend one of your normal trim visits (subject to farmer consent) and gather a range of data during and after trimming to include aspects of trim technique, lesion data, post-trimming external measurements, cow and farm data. Cows to be trimmed/treated would be mobility scored prior to trimming and then on a second occasion approximately 7-14 days later to assess for any alteration in locomotion.

Sara is hoping to gather data from approximately 1,000-1,500 animals which will create a large enough data set to answer some fundamental questions about the benefits of trimming and variation on trimming method and timing of trimming.

This is a great opportunity to help guide the future direction of research in this area and contribute to the largest observational study that has ever been conducted on foot trimming. If you have been selected at random, Sara will be in touch directly to discuss the study further.

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